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Supporting Your Birth and Family's Transition

Guiding You Into Parenthood

A Birth Doula helps you choose your preferences for your ideal childbirth, advises your partner on how to support you best, can reduce labor complications, and physically help you through birthing at a hospital, birthing center, or at home. A Postpartum Doula supporting you during your post-delivery period can help you recover quicker physically and emotionally while you gain confidence and practical skills when caring for your newborn during your early days of parenting while you're being pampered and fed. Hiring a Newborn Care Specialist at night, once known as a night nurse or baby nurse, can help you gain a little extra sleep. Our registry is a collective of birth and postpartum professionals trained in these unique levels of utmost prenatal and postpartum support. Birth Doulas and Postpartum Doulas in our registry are carefully prescreened and Newborn Care Specialists in our registry are prescreened for an extra security measurement - all are working legally, fingerprinted and background checked through California's Trustline Registry, which is a requirement for anyone working as a caregiver in CA.
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Hourly Shifts

It takes a team to transition into parenthood at nighttime!
Breastfeeding help, diapering and bathing methods, laundry and light meals
Mom's right hand through each baby step