My husband and I absolutely loved working with Lindsey - and couldn't recommend her more highly to anyone looking for a doula. If she's available - book her now! I researched and interviewed many candidates, and from the start, Lindsey stood out as being the smartest, most evidence-based, and kindest doula for us.

Lindsey was our birth and postpartum doula - and coached us through pregnancy, birth, and the fourth trimester. Initially, I was a little skeptical about needing a doula. But Lindsey's expertise and guidance were invaluable - we're so glad we chose her, and we would hire her again in a heartbeat. My favorite aspect of Lindsey's support was the wealth of knowledge she shared on all topics related to pregnancy, birth, and newborn care. Relevant information was provided through online programs, reading material, shopping lists, virtual calls, online chats, and in-person sessions. My objective was to have a positive, natural, drug-free birth - and Lindsey provided me with the tools and encouragement to set me up for success. My husband and I are over the moon with our birth story, and because of it, our baby was born into the world relaxed, alert, healthy, and happy.

Once again, I highly recommend Lindsey if you're looking for a doula. Not only is she experienced, qualified, and professional - she's also a lovely person and a pleasure to work with!

Jodie L.

My experience with Lindsey’s postpartum doula services have been 5 stars. I never knew how supported I could feel after having my 2nd baby. She cared for me in a way that no one else in my life ever has before. She is truly special. Lindsey should market herself as a chef as well. She cooked me the most delicious meals and snacks to support digestion, lactation, and healing. She knows her stuff better than anyone else in town. I’m very particular and wouldn’t normally feel comfortable with someone in my home, but Lindsey is the exception. I recommend Lindsey for yourself or a gift for someone else. She is extremely knowledgeable and joyous in her expertise. Her ability to educate others is also most valuable. Having Lindsey’s support will make a baby’s entrance into the world the best experience it could be. I will always love Lindsey based on what she has done for me and my family.

Elizabeth P. S.


I really got to write this review down for Lindsey. As a first time mum, you know you get all overly anxious and all you want is to make sure that you get the best care for your newborn. You try to read up everything you can online, do your research, read prenatal books but nothing Beats the actual experience. So, I was trying to find a prenatal class to attend by professional Doula cum newborn specialist. And I found Lindsey.

The moment I met her, she put me at ease with her friendly smile. The class was conducted in an organized manner and she make sure to cover all aspects.

I will like to share this one example: you know you have researched about all the different kinds of swaddles that's available but you never actually really know which is good. Well, it is only through the class that Lindsey brought along all the different types of swaddle and through first-hand experience that we finally know which to get. And she also gives her professional recommendations on the different baby gears and essential to get. Which really is great ! Save you the headache.
of course; this is just one small part of the class: they are many more stuffs that is too long to write here.

The class is interactive and the hours just flew pass in no time. My husband and myself enjoyed it very much and we are so glad we chose her.
She also helped to address our concerns on travelling with baby and even provided follow up reading materials to help us out.

I can't say enough of Lindsey. She truly is a wonder and I totally recommend her to everyone who is looking for a professional doula and newborn specialist.

Joan H.

Having your first child in any circumstance can be daunting and cause extreme anxiety and stress when encountering the natural and inevitable issues that come when having a new baby. Having our first child in a different country and away from direct family (Mothers and Sisters) added another layer of concern to my wife and I. Thankfully we were so fortunate to have come across Lindsey as our postnatal doula.

Lindsey is the type of person and care giver you can and would dream of if you could pick exactly what you wanted in a doula to help your wife and take assist with your new bundle of joy. She is slight, gentle, and so very soft in physical presence but gargantuan in knowledge and skill set of the pre and postnatal field.

Lindsey’s genuine passion and commitment for the wellbeing of mother and child is rivaled only by calming nature and effectiveness in her applied practice. Specifically, Lindsey was exceptional at lactation coaching support and planning, pet acclimation, bulk food preparation (recovery and lactation support), sleep and feeding schedules, confirming normal indicators, response time to communications.

Lindsey went over and above our expectations. We always felt comfortable and she was never once over baring or made us feel deficient when communicating instructions and information. It is obvious this is more than a business for Lindsey, she has a genuine love and care for mothers and babies and is a gentle loving soul. We highly recommend Lindsey for any portion of the Doula services she offers.

Kate F.

Lindsey was the best decision I made during my pregnancy. I hired her as a birth doula and postpartum doula. I was amazed by Lindsey's credentials and reviews. She was the only doula that got back to me quickly. Some of my concerns prior to hiring a doula were whether they would be judgmental and understanding how they would support me. Lindsey is knowledgeable, informed, kind, and understanding and flexible with your needs, fears, and viewpoints. She isn’t biased or judgmental, and she has the biggest heart.

She connected me to so many resources and information that continue to be valuable to me. She responds quickly and is very attentive. My son is over 2 months old and she still responds quickly to all of my questions. As a birth doula, Lindsey helped me advocate for myself during my appointments and delivery. She helped me write my birth plan and I am proud to say with her help, it was followed. She also creates a birth timeline and takes birth photos with your permission.

Lindsey has become a trusted supporter who is still in our lives and our son’s life today. She made my delivery a magical and wonderful experience, and alleviated so many of my fears. She also made sure my husband felt included and supported. I highly recommend her to anyone who needs support, knowledge, and an advocate through the process of giving birth.

As a postpartum doula, she offered services such as helping you care for your baby, staying overnight to help you get rest, and cooking incredibly delicious meals and snacks that are healthy for you, the baby, lactation, digestive system, and even your partner. Lastly, Lindsey has a myriad of referrals and contacts that are available to you as her client. This is Lindsey’s passion and she executes her role with purpose. If you have the opportunity to hire her, you will feel like it was the best decision you ever made and it will make you feel more confident as a parent.

Kristina N.

I have had the privilege of knowing Lindsey for over a year and half, as she was initially hired as a night newborn care specialist for my newborn twin sons who were born in September 2017 prematurely and came home from the hospital in November 2017. Lindsey started caring for my sons the first night they came from the hospital. In February she also took the role as our daytime doula in addition to our night newborn care specialist. She spent 5 days and 5 nights a week in our home for several months and eventually as our night needs became less she stayed on exclusively for the days.

I could not have asked for a more trustworthy, caring, and responsible person to care for my most precious twin sons. When my husband and I had our first weekend away from our sons, Lindsey was the person we chose to care for them while we were gone. (Over my husband’s parents who live 5 minutes away from us.) I was rest assured the entire time that they were in exceptional hands and that Lindsey would also keep our house tidy and cleaner than when we left.

I have recommended Lindsey to several friends for consultations and newborn care; each friend who has hired her has thanked me and said nothing but good things about Lindsey and her services. She is one of the most professional, honest, and accountable people I have worked with. Lindsey works very hard and long hours, daytime and night out of a passion to help expecting and new mothers(and fathers) as well as newborns. She is responsible, organized, and diligent with her finances as well. I will forever be grateful for the continued support and guidance we have received from Lindsey the past 18 months.

Celene L.

I got Lindsey’s contact through one of my friend as I was looking for a postpartum doula for later as my birth doula wasn’t available after. We started with a FaceTime introduction and she was like a ray of sunshine! I liked her straight away and decided to hire her as a doula.

I will always remember the first time we met as it was the day I was released from the hospital. I was having a really hard time with baby blues and she arrived at my house, sprinted upstairs (after a briefing from my husband) and started massaging my swollen legs and calming me down. Lindsey stayed with us between 3 to 4 nights a week for about 5 weeks, some night and day shifts and honestly, I don't think I could have done those early days without her.

She is extremely knowledgeable about everything that encompass PP and newborn care. She cooked the food that healed me back to myself and helped with milk production. She did overnight shifts and helped with baby Eloise. If you're looking for a doula who is not only highly experienced, educated and wise beyond her years, but also kind, supportive and funny, I highly recommend speaking to Lindsey for what she can bring to your pregnancy, birth and postpartum experience.

Melanie I.

Lindsey Daniels has provided newborn care specialist and doula services for us and our baby since early 2019. Everyday, Lindsey makes us feel at ease with her smile and upbeat personality. She is always asking how we are ‘holding upʼ and is genuinely invested in our well being. Not only is her delightful attitude a joy, but her attention to detail regarding her surroundings doesnʼt go unnoticed. If Lindseyʼs not with the baby, she is constantly cleaning, cooking and doing dishes. She takes pride in ensuring a calming and enjoyable environment, which is very refreshing. Sheʼs also extremely organized with administrative details.

Lindsey has proven her breadth and depth of experience over the course of the previous nine weeks and we feel so fortunate to have her looking out for our little one. Thereʼs no doubt in our mind that, if posed with a challenging situation or, heaven forbid, emergency, Lindsey would be responsible and resourceful. Weʼre lucky to have Lindsey on our side and hope that others value her as much as we do.

Hayley E.

Lindsey is very nurturing, warm, kind, and truly passionate about babies and supporting parents during this transition time. I interviewed a few post partum doulas and chose Lindsey cause I felt a connection with her on our Facetime interview. Lindsey was flexible, easy to contact, and understanding as our little one ended up being in the NICU for sometime. She also was very organized which was so appreciated since we ourselves seemed to be in some kind of time warp post partum.

I greatly appreciate how attentive and respectful Lindsey is. I never felt pressured by her to do anything and more so Lindsey would present all data and options and we would make an informed decision together. She was very clear that her role was to be supportive to us and our decisions.

We hired Lindsey in both the post partum doula role and nursing care specialist role. It was very evident how much love and care she had for our little one. It was so comforting to know this as she helped provide us with much-needed breaks. I would hire Lindsey again if we were to have a second kiddo. I feel our time post partum was enhanced, elevated, and easier because of her. We miss you Lindsey!

Barb D.

Lindsey was an incredible help. My husband and I decided to hire a doula because I wanted to have an unmedicated labor and we knew we would need someone to help us navigate the labor and delivery process since this was our first child. My husband is a very busy business owner and would not have time to learn about the ins and outs of labor and practice pain management techniques, so I wanted to have an experienced and knowledgable doula to help take the pressure off my husband and I (literally!)

From our first meeting via Skype I knew Lindsey would be the perfect fit for us. She sold me with her calm, caring demeanor and her wealth of knowledge. After hiring her, she sent us so many resources to educate ourselves and help guide our decisions for our birth plan. The information she provided was above and beyond anything we learned in our childbirth class at the hospital. We honestly could have skipped the hospital class and relied only on what Lindsey provided.

During labor she was essential to helping my husband and I stay calm and manage pain. She continually suggested techniques and positions to try. She took the time to develop a relationship with the nurses and helped me advocate for myself. As a trained Hypno Doula she also supported techniques I learned studying Hypnobabies. I treasure being able to look back at the timeline she created of my labor since I wasn’t very aware of the passing of time and order of events while everything was actually happening. Most of all I’m grateful to Lindsey for being by my side during the entire 24+ hours I was laboring in the hospital. The hospital staff were impressed by how calm I was the entire time and I truly owe so much of that to Lindsey’s support! I’m looking forward to having her support when we have another child in a couple years.

Melissa M.

My full review for people considering hiring Lindsey as a doula! As soon as I got pregnant I knew I wanted a doula to help guide me through my baby’s birth; but until we met Lindsey, I had no idea how valuable a doula could be through the whole process of pregnancy and even postpartum. We met with Lindsey at our house twice before delivering, and each time she arrived prepared with materials for us to review relevant to the stage of pregnancy I was in at the moment or decisions I would need to make about the birth, and answers to all the questions I had at the time. Her warmth, compassion, and enthusiasm shone through at each visit. Unlike other doula applicants I had considered, she was willing to devote as much time to each visit to discuss my choices as I needed, and never once acted as though she was “on the clock”—even though we kept her answering questions for hours each time! She made us feel like her only clients in the world—which, when you’re discussing the birth of your first child, is truly invaluable! In addition to the home visits, Lindsey was always available to answer questions over email or over the phone, and her responses to emails were lengthy, though-out, well-researched and, most of all, incredibly supportive. I had insulin-dependent gestational diabetes in my third trimester, and not only did she send me great additional resources to review and consider as I prepared for my son’s birth in a hospital setting, but she also sent dietary recommendations, food recipes, and other at-home tips for making the last several weeks of the pregnancy with this complication easier. When I went into labor at around 4:00am, I emailed Lindsey right away, and she responded within half an hour—advising me what to look out for and asking me to keep her updated. We emailed the whole day until she offered to come sit with us at home at around 5:00pm that evening to see whether my labor would continue to progress—even though she had been awake and working another job from the night before! As my contractions grew stronger, she massaged my shoulders, helped me use the birth ball to ease the pain, and helped me position myself with the peanut ball on the couch to encourage dilation. At around 10:30pm, we decided to go to the hospital, as I had begun shaking and feeling nauseated. I arrived at the hospital 4.5cm dilated and 80% effaced. At the hospital, Lindsey and my husband took turns napping and supporting me through my contractions as they progressed further and became closer together. I needed someone constantly touching or massaging me to help tolerate the waves. Around 4:00am in the hospital, 24 hours into my labor, I had only progressed to 6.5cm dilated. Lindsey and the nurse on duty helped me make the decision to request an epidural, so that I could sleep for a few hours before it was time to push. Although I had been trying for an unmedicated birth, it was more important to me that I would have the strength to deliver the baby without needing a c-section, and Lindsey helped remind me that this was a priority for me. After receiving the epidural around 5:00am, I fell asleep using the peanut ball at Lindsey’s recommendation—and dilated the remaining 3.5 centimeters in under 2 hours! At 7:00am, I was fully dilated, and it was time to push—and at 7:40am, my beautiful son was born! Lindsey helped me latch him to my breast right away.

Because of my gestational diabetes, my son was born with low blood sugar, which Lindsey and the doctor had prepared me for. Because of the additional information Lindsey had provided me during pregnancy, I had been working on expressing colostrum to bring to the hospital to feed my son, which I was able to give to him in the 24 hours after delivery when his blood sugar remained low. This helped him poop out all the meconium in his system and avoid jaundice. Also thanks to articles Lindsey had sent me, I was knowledgeable about treatment methods for neonatal low blood sugar aside from a glucose drip in the NICU. Following the advice of these articles, we opted to give our son donor breastmilk after the expressed colostrum and dextrose gel applied to his cheek failed to bring his blood sugar up. Lo and behold, the donor breastmilk brought his blood sugar up right away, and he was able to room in with us the entire hospital stay. I credit Lindsey with helping me educate myself sufficiently to make these important decisions in the 24 hours following my son’s birth.

Overall, hiring Lindsey to serve as our birth doula was the best decision we could have made to help us through the monumental process of pregnancy and childbirth. She will always be an outsize figure in my family’s life because of the incredible role she played in bringing about the birth of my son, and I could not recommend her more highly to other families seeking support at this crucial time.

Laura S.

We are so lucky to have been connected with Lindsey through a friend. She has so many talents and skills but we especially found her helpful in guiding us to better sleeping for our infant daughter early on (and us parents too - ha!) She provided us with a reasonable plan and approach we were comfortable with as parents and how best to implement it. In no time at all, our daughter was sleeping great! We are grateful for her help! Can't recommend Lindsey enough. She radiates positivity, warmth and confidence when as a parent you might be feeling a bit beat down - so appreciated when you're in the midst of getting used to this whole parent thing! We consider Lindsey a part of our family now, and forever!

Anna Y.

From the moment I met Lindsey, I knew that she was someone I could trust and feel comfortable with. She saw me in my most vulnerable moments as a new mother and was there to guide and support me every step of the way. She was instrumental in helping me learn how to breastfeed as well as heal myself by sitz baths and having her do reflexology on my feet. To top it off, she is an incredible cook and made incredible food for my family, all lactation friendly, so I never went hungry. As a new breastfeeding mom, this is key! I cannot speak highly enough of Lindsey!

Blair C.

I'm so glad my wife and I decided to enlist Lindsey's help as our postpartum doula. Lindsey was a positive and reassuring presence during those first weeks when everything was so new and we were getting the hang of parenthood. She was knowledgeable and provided great advice on caring for and feeding baby, prepared healthy and delicious meals and snacks, got groceries, helped with cleaning around the apartment, was great with our daughter and our dog, and most importantly, made us feel comfortable and at ease through it all. We highly recommend Lindsey for your doula needs!

Chris S.

Lindsey was amazing and truly an extraordinary partner for the natural birth of our second son here in Santa Monica. Here's what really made Lindsey stand apart, as an excellent choice we'd recommend to anyone:
— She's extraordinarily knowledgable and experienced and a reliable resource and voice to help me make the best choices for myself.
— She knows how to politely and purposefully navigate working with hospital staff so that you stay in control and know your options at every step.
— She has a wonderful toolkit of resources that helped me prepare thoughtfully. I was particularly helped by one handout that recommended to "stay on your feet!" during labor, which made all the difference.
— She is one of the best listeners I've ever met, period. Lindsey heard and noted all of my preferences and my history (and only needed to hear things once) to remember what was important to me.
— She fully respected our choices and wishes throughout the process, made no judgments about what we wanted or didn't want, but simply supported us.
— She cares deeply and is clearly honored to be part of such an important moment. Lindsey is fully invested in her work and it shows! She's found her passion!

For my first birth, I was induced and had a number of interventions, including an Epidural, and my recovery took about a month. For the birth with Lindsey, we had a completely natural birth (in a hospital, attended by midwives). I labored at home for awhile and then our baby was born about 2 hours after we arrived at the hospital without any interventions or pain medication. Lindsey helped us stay calm and focused, and helped us know when it was time to leave for the hospital — the timing was perfect. She was amazing with the hospital staff and my partner, and was a lovely presence to have with us during this time. We couldn't recommend her enough!

Amy O.

We hired Lindsey for two nights to help with our seven week old when we were in the midst of some feeding issues. She was a calming presence from the time she walked in, and helped boost our confidence that we were doing the right things. It is a very intimate experience having someone in your home to help with your baby overnight, but Lindsey was very comfortable to be around and we plan to have her back in the future.


Kate A.

Lindsey is incredibly kind, caring, warm and just an exceedingly wonderful human being. She had a major influence over our baby’s personality and overall well-being. Prior to Lindsey, our baby was not sleeping well at night nor during the day and the fussiness was so stressful. Lindsey was patience and very professional about what needed to change in order to get our baby on the right path. I adopted every piece of advice and within a couple of weeks, our baby began to sleep so much better and stopped being fussy. She was so kind to me - and as a new mom, I felt cared for as well. Today at 6 months my baby sleeps 12 hours straight at night, takes 1 long 1.5 hr nap and two 2 hour naps. She is always welcome in my home and we miss her dearly. Trust me - follow every piece of Lindsey’s advice.

Heather L.

Lindsey was incredible, and I will absolutely hire her again! She was flexible, eager to help when we needed last minute care, and most of all was wonderful with my daughter.

Carrie L.

Lindsey really helped me out in a pinch with my 7 week old baby when I had an unexpected unpredictable work scenario arise last minute. She was super helpful and confident and got me and the baby through it all as seemlessly as possible. She is intelligent, very polite, and highly capable, and we are grateful to have had her assistance!


Mia S.